Independent Music Distribution

Gone are the days of revenue shares

Stop looking for record companies and online distributors to get between you and your money.
Your fans are online, sell your music directly to them, from your own website.

Be Your Own Music Distributor

  • Competition Free. You won’t see other artist, or major label artist being promoted on your platform. Solutions that do so, deteriorate the marketing and promotional efforts of musicians.
  • Write your on check stop waiting for middle men to filter your income with outlandish revenue splits and being paid on a monthly/quartly basis.
  • Keep 100% of sells revenue. This means every cent, from every download is immediately in the PayPal account, you specify from your stores backend. It’s that simple.

Watch this video, you will understand!

Benefits of the iServe Music Distribution Platforms

No middle men, hidden fees or charges. Upload your music and collect 100% of all sells revenue.
This is the way of Independent music distribution: distribute your own music, from your own website

  • Sell Songs enter PayPal email address and start receiving revenue today.
  • WordPress Blog makes it fun and convenient to post updates, rants and galleries.
  • Theme Selections
  • Logo & Color Integration
  • Monthly Website Updates
  • Domain Registration
  • Social Like & Share

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited eMail
  • Google Analytics dashboard reports whose online and where they’re located.
  • Plugin Setups Gigs Calendar providing venue details and Google Maps
  • 8 Page Setup
  • SEO Tools for the marketing savvy. Target keywords, write unique titles and meta descriptions for web pages.

Start seeing your money today!
Sell your music now!